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Spoilers under the cut.

Justice continues to be solid, like old school Law and order and thankfully there are no romantic subplots. Those sunk Doubt and Conviction real fast, and they have no place here.
This week's ep was intriguing, and Jon Seda is so very pretty. I think it might be on for a long time.

I gave up on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders but this ep was a must-watch. Why?
Because they had the nerve to dig into the RL Il Mostro case. As in the killer in Florence who killed many people without being caught. Thomas Harris let his Lecter meet the guy, and Fuller implied Hannibal was Il Mostro. This led to the gruseome scene where Lecter kills poor policeman Pazzi who is pursuing Il Mostro, only to stop for a call from Clarice. Becuse he would. Then he cheerfully resumes killing the poor guy. (Tv show Hannibal stops for a call from Alana Bloom, not Will.)
Soo I was intrigued. Il Mostro is a dude called Scarpa(a tribute to Tosca's Scarpia?) and his copycat son. A female cop was onto him but sexism kept her from arresting him.
A nice touch I think.
The Americans school the Italians on Dante(italiansplaining?) and find the guy thanks to the female cop's notes. Not a good ep, not even as good as Hannibal the movie. That at least had hammy Hopkins and Julianne Moore. So I'm out again.

On the mothership Reid is told not to do a stupid thing by Calvin(Perrineau), does it anyway and gets beaten badly. Idiot. My money's on Calvin being shady.


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