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Spoilers under the cut.

Sadly the good ship SVU is sinking. It's all Liv all the time now. I've heard rumours Barba is leaving. That would make people leave in droves. I'm sticking with it for now.
Why not use Fin more? Is he a grandfather yet? Why can't Barba date btw? Just a oneoff gf or bf? Sonny and Amanda are totally banging. Less drama if they don't admit it I guess.
This week's ep was so tiresome despite an intriguing setup. Soo much Liv's fault.

The Good Fight had the chutzpah to deal with SVU's Trump episode and in a very amusing fashion too. I crave Diane's wardrobe, but she wears it so much better than I ever would.
I'm meh on Luca's lovelife but more power to her for getting out of the shadows and into her own story.
The Maya plot is ok. I do hope Eli drops by and that Elsbeth sticks around.
The Milo ep went too easy on that disgusting troll. Oh well, guess they couldn't quote what he actually said about trans people.


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