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Spoilers for various shows under the cut.
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Being a spoilery list of totally silly stuff.
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Thank you for doing this. Write almost anything in these fandoms and I'll be happy..
Dislikes inlude bad things happening to small kids or animals, also no incest or underage stuff in romances. Likes inlude a plot-heavy story or a reflective piece. Angst always welcome, smut welcome, romance welcome(het, slash-whatever). Morally grey stuff can be fascinating if done well. Just get inside the characters head and see the world from their perspective.

So for fandoms-
Highlander-anything Methos makes me happy, be it historical adventures or present time stuff. I ship Methos/Duncan or Methos/Amanda/Duncan. Anything Amanda or Joe is great. Just let them hang out and tell stories maybe-

Oz-Anything with Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher or Ryan O'Reily is good. Preferably a happy ending for all of them. Whatever happy means in Oz anyway. Inventive Aus and canon-it's all good.

Arrow-I'd love anything Nyssa ever. Adventures and love with Sara would be great.
Slade Wilson-anything really. Maybe a good redemption story.
Shado-kicking ass and just hanging with someone. Romance with Slade would be awesome. Then maybe go AU.

And have fun.


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