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Soo Garth Ennis very sweary and violent comic "Preacher" is getting to be a tv-series..
Ruth Negga is Tulip and her Misfits cohort Joseph Gilgun is vampire Cassidy. Brilliant casting so far. Gilgun is spot-on for Cassidy..his Randy on Misfits was priceless...and he has the necessary charisma and presence. So does Negga, who's doing great work in Agents of SHIELD.
I'm happy, let's just get a good Jesse Custer too.
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Whee! I got an awesome story for Yuletide.
A great Wire fic by Agnes Bean:"Dream no more"
Fabulous piece of Avon/Stringer interaction. Couldn't have gotten something better.
There were three more Wire stories:

"like the blood in your veins"
More Avon/Stringer. I guess we all love them.

"Code switch"
More of those guys, and bonus Omar Little. Great, great story.

"Wherever you go, there you are."
Great Randy story.

Non-Yuletide gift but still a gift by sahem62896 for me and dr squidlove.
"Destiny" is a great Oz story, a perfect Keller/Torquemada thing.
As ever he's written something gripping and tense and just wonderfully cool.
I'm grateful and thrilled.

I wrote "Never Forever" in the Forever fandom:
It's got a Highlander crossover, but it's mostly an Abe meets OFC story.
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Alright take my money now. Sf-writer and film critic Geneveive Valentine takes over Catwoman for DC for a little while in October. Awesome. Valentine's reviews of bad films on her lj are hilarious. And her novel Mechanique is brilliant. So yeah, should be cool.


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