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Oh you already know this one..Tilda Swinton is in talks to play Doc's mentor-normally an old Asian dude. Oh-so they go with an ageless Scottish witch instead. Hmm..I love her so this might work.
I hope we get Wong still-he can be companion and partner in fighting dark forces.
Oh I want Clea-white-haired anime-ish magical girl. Ksenia Solo? Love that she's on "Orphan black" at least.
Okay so still make the movie with lots of tentacle monsters and HoYay with Strange and Wong. Come on-Cumberbatch does that all the time on Sherlock.
mazephoenix: (Default)'s offical..we get Benedict Cumberbatch as Doc next year. Well, at least it's not Johnny Depp. He would just have played Doc as a whacky uncle. We'll see if Sherlock does better. Prepare for an onslaught of shipping fics. I wonder if dear old Wong is in the movie?
And Clea? We need the white-haired sorceress, people.
Umar also? Man the Dark Dimension has weird family gatherings.
I want consistently written magic and Lovecraftian monsters.
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Finally saw it. It was a blast-great anti-heroes and okayish villians. Vin Diesel hasn't been this good since "Pitch Black." Seriously, Groot is a thing of beauty.
It's so nice to finally have a Marvel adventure set in space. The geek in me cheered loudly.
Karen Gillan's Nebula was kickass, but underused. Lee Pace's Ronan looked and sounded the part but had a boring motivation-he's evil because he's evil. Eh. Work on your villains, Marvel.
Our hero Peter Quill was charming and very appealing. Gamora was great. Rocket stole the show, and Drax well he was kickass at least. I hope his comic book daughter Moondragon joins for the sequel.
We need her and her lover Phyla-Vell too. Mantis can come too.
Sorry, we had a few ladies but more can hardly hurt. My love for comic book Mantis knows no bounds.
So yeah, a very nice movie. Avengers is still a better movie. Can we please have Doctor Strange soon?


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