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Not ready for prime time has started with

There's a few more days to do so. It's a fun fest, and you can write Oz, SVU, due south and lots more.
Go on.
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General likes: Complex and simple stories, gray morality, light BDSM (such as silk ropes to restrain, blindfolds, biting lightly, light spanking), romance (slash, het, femmeslash, whatever.), threesomes, fixit-fics for terrible canon endings/deaths of characters I like.
Dislikes: Bad things happening to kids, preachy stories, Coffee House AUs, mpreg, scat and watersports, knotting.

Law and order SVU: Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, John Munch, Rafael Barba

Slice of life fic with Elliot and Olivia on a case would be golden. Or Munch working a case, or anything with him just being himself.
Anything with Barba from the new era would be nice, friendship with Olivia, romance with her. If he could meet Elliot somehow that would be nice. Slash would be very welcome.

Oz: Chris Keller, Tobias Beecher, Ryan O’Reily, Vern Schillinger.

Anything with any of them really. Chris/Toby and their twisted, toxic affair, Ryan scheming and Vern being the utter bastard he is.

Highlander: Methos, Amanda, Joe, Duncan

Would like Methos and Joe bonding or Amanda having adventures with them or alone. Duncan and Methos slash, Methos and Joe slash. Would not turn down a Duncan/Methos/Amanda threesome and stuff.

Hannibal: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Fredrik Chilton, Alana Bloom

Anything with Hannibal and Will in season two. Would love some twisted dynamic where Will and Alana are falling under his spell, losing themselves.
Ditto for Chilton, and I’d love it if they somehow didn’t die in the process.

Orange is the new black: Piper, Alex, Red
Piper and Alex getting together would be great, have Piper get over Larry. (Don’t like Larry). Piper being bad ass somehow and winning against Healy would be nice.
Anything with Red and her back-story or her war with Vee. Foe-femmeslash with Red and Vee could work.
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Not ready for Prime Time is over and it was a blast. The stories are all here..

My story was an Oz one(big surprise..ha) and is here.."Looming Millennium"

I got three lovely gifts all in Arrow-verse..
The wonderful Nyssa/Sara one "Heights" by storiesfortravellers here..

Another great Nyssa/Sara one by BridgetMcKennitt here.."Perils and Possibility"

Livania's brilliant "Center of the Universe" which is Shado/Slade and Nyssa/Sara. A great view of Shado and her influence on people.
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Thank you for doing this. Write almost anything in these fandoms and I'll be happy..
Dislikes inlude bad things happening to small kids or animals, also no incest or underage stuff in romances. Likes inlude a plot-heavy story or a reflective piece. Angst always welcome, smut welcome, romance welcome(het, slash-whatever). Morally grey stuff can be fascinating if done well. Just get inside the characters head and see the world from their perspective.

So for fandoms-
Highlander-anything Methos makes me happy, be it historical adventures or present time stuff. I ship Methos/Duncan or Methos/Amanda/Duncan. Anything Amanda or Joe is great. Just let them hang out and tell stories maybe-

Oz-Anything with Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher or Ryan O'Reily is good. Preferably a happy ending for all of them. Whatever happy means in Oz anyway. Inventive Aus and canon-it's all good.

Arrow-I'd love anything Nyssa ever. Adventures and love with Sara would be great.
Slade Wilson-anything really. Maybe a good redemption story.
Shado-kicking ass and just hanging with someone. Romance with Slade would be awesome. Then maybe go AU.

And have fun.


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