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Oz magi

Oct. 17th, 2015 09:35 am
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Oz magi is open for wishes. The Oz gift exchange is in its tweflth year. Wow.
Come on let's put shanks in everyone's stockings again.
You can make a wish even if you defaulted last year. Amnesty year, y'all.
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Sounds awesome right? More info at..

Go on sisters and brothers in the know you want it.
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Not ready for prime time has started with

There's a few more days to do so. It's a fun fest, and you can write Oz, SVU, due south and lots more.
Go on.
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Soo Ship Swap for rare pairings has a few days left for nominations. Until the 15th.
Get in there and nominate your favorite rare pairing.
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So you can write and draw treats based on the Oz magi wishes here..
Everyone is welcome, and you can do it til next Monday.
Go on, it's fun.
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Yuletide is open for signups here..
Come on people and sign up. There's lots of great fandoms to request and write for.
Like say: Oz, The Wire, Orphan Black, Homicide, Penny Dreadful and much more.
Needy fandoms include: Carmilla(web series), Simon Green's Deathstalker series, Happy Endings(TV) and a few more.
I've signed up. Go and do the same. You have until the 25 th to do so.
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So. There's a nice little fix-exchange called Rare characters exchange 2014. Signups are found here..
It closes this wednesday, but you can still sign up. The focus is on rare characters. Well, duh.
I submitted Oz fandom so you can write plenty of colorful folks like Adebisi, Dino, Hill and so on. I forgot Vern. Yes, I know. I can just see his face.
Also submitted Homicide and the Wire. There are so few fics in both that you can write anyone major really. If I remembered them that is.
And of course there's more. Like the new fangled Penny Dreadful. Great show, and it's had pretty boys kissing-in canon. Plus Eva Green. Goddess.
So enough pimpage. Go sign up.


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